Fire Tax Increase Proposed:

West Stanly FD is requesting a tax increase of $0.0158 per $100.00 in property valuation. Our current tax rate is $0.0842 and this increase will bring the new rate to $0.10 per $100.00 in property valuation. This means a home or property valued at $100,000.00 would see and increase in fire tax of $15.80 per year. 

West Stanly FD is committed to providing our citizens, visitors, and neighbors with the best services our department can provide. Please click on the Read More below to find out more about the services and needs of the West Stanly Fire Department. 

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Mission Statement:

West Stanly Fire Department is dedicated to providing the best fire protection, emergency medical services, rescue techniques, and fire prevention activities in our area. By incorporating highly trained and dedicated staff with quality equipment, we will mitigate our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.


Vision Statement:

As members of West Stanly Fire Department we will maintain the integrity, history, and dedication of the fire service in our community. We will strive for excellence in customer service as we take pride in our equipment and commitment to always respect our customers as they are family.

 Fire Tax Explained...Information for property owners

Ever wonder about that line on your tax bill labeled "Fire Tax"? Here's what those percentages and figures really mean.

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